I have found some really interesting, but very good bands lately and I would feel selfish if I didn’t share a short list of them. So, here is a quick list of bands I am listening to and ones you should check out:

  1. The Weakerthans
  2. Noah and the Whale
  3. Mike Ness (solo project from Social Distortion’s vocalist)
  4. Tom Gabel (solo project from Against Me! vocalist)**Must listen to**
  5. Dillinger Four

Please send me your current lists – I need more music.


Here is a video from Against Me! title “Don’t Lose Touch.” The song touches on state of music and is spot on. Take a look and listen.


As most of you that know me are well aware that it’s currently snowing outside. Odds are also that you hate it. (this is weird in itself because you live in Utah)

This is the first real snow storm of the year and its been an impressive storm. We are going on 7 hours and 4 inches in the valley. When the first snow storm every year happens I go into kid mode and get stoked to run and play in the snow. Then I religiously chekc the ski report every hour just to make sure the mountains are getting their share.

As an update – Snowbird has recieved 25″ today and will be opening on the Friday the 7th.

I spent the last week in Prague and saw the best photo of a nested doll advertising the Museum of Communism. I didn’t get a chance to walk through, but this photo is great.

I came across another excellent photo yesterday. It is hard to read so I will describe it. It’s a Gun Club sign that reads “Ease Election Jitters with a New AR 15.”

Now, I am not sure how to take this, but it can go many ways.

I have been a terrible blogger lately, but its all good i will get back in the swing. There has been a lot of things going on in life and i think things have settled.

There have been a lot of things weighing on my mind and I think its time to offload them and gain some other folks perspective.

  • What is this mess we can a financial system?
  • How are we suppose to appreciate American history when most of it is spoon fed to us with a smile?
  • Why do people think Sarah Palin is a good choice? (Good publicity move though)
  • When will the snow come and stay?
  • Why do people in Utah complain about snow when they know it comes every year?
  • Why do we crave learning at an older age?

I think thats a good start, but there is more up there.

Here is a great video from the band The Matches. For another video of a band running around a city this on is very creative.


That’s right! Thanks to the new site Popcuts you can buy an MP3 and get a return back on anyone who purchases the song after you. It’s going to pay off, in credits, to find new music. This has the potential to bring the fun back into sharing new bands and songs with friends. Music lovers are a passionate group and they cannot resist telling people about their latest discovery.

The selection is still pretty slim, but I would anticipate it growing rapidly. I haven’t purchased a song yet, but I will keep you updated when the credits start rolling in. I am interested to see how this goes. Instead of the money being split between web host – artist – label things can turn to split shared between web host (10-20% with Popcuts) – artist – listener (YOU). How much it will be I am not sure, but will find out.

Give it a try and let me know how your progess goes and maybe I will even buy some of your songs to give you a little kick back.

If you are not familiar with what Muxtape is – I will tell you. Muxtape is/was a site available to share play lists. Now this may seems simple enough, but if you ever made a mix-tape for someone you can understand the art behind a great mix-tape. ** for more resources on making a mix-tape watch High Fidelity** 

Anyways, back to the point, this was a fun way to find new music/share music/comb through your iTunes library again. But, recent newshas shown Muxtape is indefinitely shutting down because of pressure from RIAA (Record Industry Association of America).  ** the name sounds patriotic, but it really is the worst thing that could happen to the recording industry**

The RIAA police are cracking down on everyone including streaming radio and now Muxtape – and they are not worried about the trail of dead and music enthusiast they are leaving behind. Closing down Muxtape is another reason why RIAA is keeping the recording industry from evolving and keeping pace with the changing demands of purchasing music. Maybe instead of closing down resources to the industry, maybe RIAA should try utilizing them. This is not an approach to stop downloads or encourage people to buy music, but I would say quite the opposite.

RIAA is hurting the industry more than they are helping and Muxtape is just another victim. Best of luck Muxtape and whoever is next. So, watch out Pandora because you might be next.

Rocky Votolato is a indie singer songwriter that produces the most soft and smooth harmonies around. Most of his work has been done the previous 5 years, but is still a relevant face for the genre. As a one man show he challenges the likes of Jack Johnson and Elliot Smith for lyrical value and overall quality of sound. Here are some songs that will encourage some extra attention:

Fans of The Get Up Kids and Death Cab for Cutie might be interested in Rocky Votolato.